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Astral Projection Tips And Tricks

Astral projection is a technique to experience out-of-body experience. It is pretty hard as we have to step out of our physical bodies and into the astral world. The astral world is an intangible place therefore, that makes it even trickier. Not many people have been able to fully master astral projection. This is also because some are afraid of what it holds and also the techniques are a bit difficult. Until you have been there, you wouldn’t know how it feels like. To make the process easy, some of the tips and tricks have been listed below –

Yoga: Now before you make that disappointed face you should know that it is one of the key triggers in inducting astral projecting. The different asanas help you in keeping your mind and body fit which is utterly important. More than physical, mental health is essential as it forms the base for astral projection. Yogic poses like Setu Bandha Sarvangasana, Salamba Sarvangasana and Savasana target mental health and make it better and stronger. With this strength in store, you’d be able to astral project more easily.

Avoid heavy foods and caffeinated drinks: Our goal is to get a perfectly healthy body and mindset. To achieve that, we also need to cut back on fatty and harmful food products like meat, soda, cola or coffee. These foods only act as an obstacle in our way to astral project.

Isolate yourself: When you are getting ready to astral project, isolate yourself from everyone. Since, their company may distract you and may also pose difficulty for you to concentrate. Therefore, getting away from everyone would ensure a quiet environment.

Effective meditation: This is one of the best strategies to learn astral projection. To learn this, concentrate on any object in front of you. You are allowed to blink a bit so as to avoid dry eyes. Also, you could chant or mumble a mantra; or listen to non-distracting music. This would help your mind to concentrate on one thing at a time and in turn, will increase your meditating powers. With effective meditation, you would be able to easily travel into the astral world.

Channel chakras: The next most efficient technique would be to channel your energy. You can do so by concentrating on your chakras and directing them to your palm. Imagine yourself making a ball of it and holding it in your hands. This way you’d be able to maintain and control your energy. One way to know if you have been able to do that is when you feel a sensation in your whole body as the energy would be running all over inside it.

By following these simple yet effective astral projection tips, you would be able to travel into the astral world in no time.

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