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Using Herbs To Help Cope With Stress

Research done by the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development shows that heavy workloads and job loss worries are causing rocketing stress levels amongst employees, to the extent that stress is now the number one cause of long-term absence from work, taking over from musculoskeletal problems such as bad backs.In fact, such are the worries […]

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Macrobiotics as Alternative Treatment

Macrobiotics is a complete health care system based on diet it is said that this system can be the cure for a variety of illnesses including cancer. Macrobiotics is based on the principle that what we eat affects our whole being and our place in the universe. By choosing this holistic lifestyle you begin to […]

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Herbs & Their uses

Chinese medicine has been established since more than two millennia ago, herbs have always been the mainstay behind Chinese medicine and there are many diseases and illnesses which herbs are thought to help. Listed here are some of the common problems that herbal remedies are thought to help and the herb relating to the particular […]

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