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7 Alternative Medicines and Treatments to Supplement Your Physiotherapy

One of the reasons why people visit physiotherapists is chronic pain. While it’s so easy to grab a Tylenol, an over the counter ibuprofen, or even a strong anti-inflammatory drug like Celecoxib, being dependent on pain relievers to alleviate bone, joint, and muscle pain is not good for anyone. Pain relievers could become an addiction, […]

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Tips on Preparing Stevia Leaves

Growing stevia can be a challenge for some people, so if you’ve successfully grown stevia plants on your garden then congratulations are in order. Now you are ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor – using stevia leaves as a natural sweetener. Some people actually use the leaves straight from the plant, mixing it […]

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Demand for Qualified Therapists Set to Double by 2018

If you like to help people and want a good career ahead of you, you may consider going into the field of physical therapy. Being a qualified therapist can open many doors for you and let you enjoy a relatively stress-free career that centers on helping people regain their mobility.Expect Excellent Pay Because of the […]

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