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7 Alternative Medicines and Treatments to Supplement Your Physiotherapy

One of the reasons why people visit physiotherapists is chronic pain. While it’s so easy to grab a Tylenol, an over the counter ibuprofen, or even a strong anti-inflammatory drug like Celecoxib, being dependent on pain relievers to alleviate bone, joint, and muscle pain is not good for anyone. Pain relievers could become an addiction, […]

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Astral Projection Tips And Tricks

Astral projection is a technique to experience out-of-body experience. It is pretty hard as we have to step out of our physical bodies and into the astral world. The astral world is an intangible place therefore, that makes it even trickier. Not many people have been able to fully master astral projection. This is also […]

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Helping Mesothelioma Patients with Alternative Medicine

  In 2007, four out of every 10 adults turned to complementary or alternative medicine. Since then, these alternative options have continued to grow in popularity – especially for patients with cancers such as mesothelioma. Many oncologists work to incorporate alternative therapies in their patients’ treatment plans thanks to their ability to gently help restore […]

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