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Herbs & Their uses

Chinese medicine has been established since more than two millennia ago, herbs have always been the mainstay behind Chinese medicine and there are many diseases and illnesses which herbs are thought to help. Listed here are some of the common problems that herbal remedies are thought to help and the herb relating to the particular illness.

Allergies- Ephedra is a powerful herb that has long been used in Chinese medicine; it is of particular use for asthmatics and those suffering from overall allergies and sinus problems.

Anaesthetic- Aloe Vera is often used as relief from minor burns and sunburn it has soothing anaesthetic and antiseptic qualities and aids in the restoration of damaged tissue.

Antibiotic- St Johns wort & Echinacea St Johns wort is a very popular herb that has several uses other than its antibiotic qualities, it is said to help in the relief of stress and minor depression and help combat the craving of alcohol.

Echinacea- is used to help relieve the symptoms of the common cold and bacterial infections; it is frequently used for its antibiotic properties and is thought to boost the immune system.

Anti-depressant-Ginkgo & St John wort Ginkgo has many beneficial uses including its anti-depressant properties; it is also thought to improve the flow of blood and improve concentration.

Anti-inflammatory-St John’s wort has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and is especially helpful when used externally on bruises, swellings and skin problems.

Arthritis- Sallow is a great pain reliever and is also know for its abilities in reducing inflammation. It is also said to help in the relief of headaches and minor aches and pains.

Asthma-Ephedra contains properties that are especially beneficial to those suffering from asthma and other respiratory aliments; it contains ephedrine which is used in the treatment of these ailments.

Coughs & Colds- Echinacea is used extensively in the prevention and treatment of the common cold. It is regularly used as a natural antibiotic and is thought to give a boost to the immune system.

Diarrhoea- Raspberry is commonly used for the relief of symptoms of diarrhoea especially when accompanied with nausea or vomiting.

Fever- Purple willow is useful for alleviating fever along with headaches and general aches and pains.

Sore Throat- Black Cohosh is classed as an expectorant and astringent, it eases a sore throat and is said to help with whooping cough.

Stress- St Johns wort is thought to be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and is given as a natural anti-depression medication.

Sunburn-Aloe Vera is commonly used as an effective solution for sunburn it has excellent anaesthetic and antibiotic properties and is also used for minor burns and cuts.

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