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Macrobiotics as Alternative Treatment

Macrobiotics is a complete health care system based on diet it is said that this system can be the cure for a variety of illnesses including cancer. Macrobiotics is based on the principle that what we eat affects our whole being and our place in the universe.

By choosing this holistic lifestyle you begin to discover your place in life and you begin to see food in a totally different way, everything you eat can have a healing influence in your life rather than be just something that you put into your mouth automatically when you feel hunger pangs.

The main principal behind Macrobiotics is Yin and Yang where everything has an equal, for example where there is light there is dark, hot there is cold. Put in simple terms Yin and Yang balance each other, yin and yang exists everywhere not only in relation to the food we eat.

The macrobiotic lifestyle is based on balancing your lifestyle with the life you lead, finely tuning this process will lead to ever increasing wellbeing and health. The Macrobiotic diet is one very similar to the nutritional intake that is recommended by the American Cancer Society and is generally high in complex carbohydrates and fibre and low in fat.

What Types Of Food Are Used In The Macrobiotics Diet?

Foods are based on the Yin and Yang principal and as thus are arraigned on a scale; meat, fish, poultry; salt, hard cheeses and eggs are classed as Yang foods. Yin foods are fruit juices, cream, milk, alcohol, molasses and sugar. Foods in the middle of this range are better balanced and these include vegetables, beans, grains, seeds, and nuts and fruit.

It is thought that eating more of a particular Yin or Yang type of food can have a reaction on our health and this is when disease and ailments can occur. Therefore by using the Yin and Yang concept a tailor made diet is based on factors relating to the individual and there circumstances, other points to be taken into consideration are age, season, and the climate and how active the person is.

For example if you live in an area where the weather changes throughout the year rather than stays relatively warm or cold throughout then more Yin type foods such as salads and fruit should be eaten during the summer months and more Yang type foods such as soups and stews should be eaten throughout the winter time.

Typical Macrobiotic Meals

Only natural foods that contain no additives or artificial chemicals are used when preparing a meal for a Macrobiotic diet, most meals are simple and only contain the smallest amount of seasoning and just one or two ingredients.

Around 30% of the diet is composed of vegetables, 8% is beans or products originating from beans and 5% of the Macrobiotic diet consists of fish, nuts, seeds and seasonings. The main meal of the day should consist of soup, grains, vegetables and protein. As cooking can alter the Yin and Yang qualities of a particular food neutral cooking methods are preferred such as stir frying, boiling or steaming.


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