Buteyko Breathing Therapy

Breathing is something we all do day in day out, most of us without even giving it a second thought after all we all need air, but by learning an easy routine of breathing differently it is said to be more beneficial to our health and particularly those with respiratory problems such as asthma. It is thought that breathing the wrong way can be a contributing factor in 50% to 70% of all diseases.

What Is the Buteyko Method?

The Buteyko method of breathing was devised by Doctor Buteyko from Russia and the basic principal behind it involves reducing the amount of ventilation or breathing air with reduced oxygen pressure. This system has been said to have been successfully used in the treatments of Asthma, sleep problems, allergies, and problems affecting the immune system, angina and hyper tension.

A Quick Do-It-Yourself Test

You can try this quick test at home for yourself to see just how much you are, what Dr Buteyko says is over breathing. It is completely harmless. First sit in a comfortable position, gently breathe in through your nose then breathe out, when you have fully exhaled then hold your breath.

Don’t breathe in again until you feel the clear need to, this doesn’t of course mean until your lungs are aching and you are going red in the face, some common sense is needed. While you are holding your breathe count in second how long it is before you feel the need and have to inhale again, it is said that 60 seconds is the ideal length of time before that need should be felt.

This of course is the ideal for someone who is at the peak of there physical health and most of us won’t reach this mark. But by taking the Buteyko series of breathing exercises we can strive towards this goal and feel ourselves improving.

How The System Works?

Most of us if we even stop to think about out breathing consider deep diaphragmatic breathing as natural, but the Buteyko method is completely different in that it encourages people to develop an improved capacity to utilise oxygen thus maintaining homeostasis.

Hyperventilation is thought to have a high percentage rate in those with chronic illness but the Buteyko breathing method corrects chronic hyperventilation thus said to ease symptoms and often make an improvement in the illness by re training the brain pattern in how to breathe “properly”.

Asthma in particular is one condition that studies have shown to be dramatically improved when following this system. A recent study held in Australia concluded that asthmatics were able to reduce the amount of bronchodilator (commonly called Ventolin Inhaler) intake by up to 90%.

Who Is The Buteyko Method Aimed At?

It is suitable for anyone of any age and is easy to learn; usually it will take about 10 hours of tuition to fully understand the method and to begin to re train the brain into breathing this way automatically. To gain full benefit from it you will need to do breathing exercises two to four times a day everyday.

Even if your particular condition is severe this method can be used and in most cases the more severe the condition the more dramatic the improvement. Information on the Buteyko method can be found readily on the internet and courses throughout the world can also be found here.