Crystal Healing

We all have seen crystals in some shape or form and admire the beauty of them but crystals can be used on a different level, they are said to posses a certain amount of healing power. Each crystal has different properties that are said to be beneficial in helping a certain condition or illness, crystals cannot cure the illness or disease but it is thought that they can help to ease the symptoms and bring a sense of relief.

Crystals are thought to work alongside our body’s “chakras” these are seven points in our body or “energy centres” that start at the head and align throughout the body down to the pubic bone. Each has a specific name and is associated with a certain part of the body.

Certain crystals are thought to work with these “chakra” points in the healing process when the crystal is placed on a certain chakra point. Rubies, garnet, onyx and bloodstone correspond to the root chakra.

Hematite, moonstone and carnelian work with the sacral chakra, Citrine, amber and topaz work alongside the solar plexus chakra, rose quartz and Chinese fluorite correspond to the heart chakra, aquamarine and turquoise work with the throat chakra, sapphire, turquoise and amethyst work alongside the forehead chakra and clear quartz and amethyst work with the crown chakra.

The Crystals and There Healing Properties

Jasper more commonly known as Bloodstone is claimed to posses healing properties that strengthen the blood cells and improve the flow of oxygen in the blood stream. It is said to restore vitality to both the body and mind and is excellent if you are feeling run down. It is also thought to have the ability to reduce stress and is believed to inspire creativity.