Hypnotherapy as Alternative Treatment

We have all seen a hypnotist at some time or other on the TV usually they are making people do a series of things that they would normally never do but it is entertainment as least for those watching. There is however a more serious and useful side to hypnotism and one we could all benefit from.

The most common of course that come to mind are helping with stopping smoking or losing weight and perhaps helping in dealing with phobias. Most hypnotists are of course not Doctors and as such have no medical training but help can be given for several conditions such as insomnia, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome and tinnitus.

Conditions Hypnotherapy Can Help With

Insomnia and sleep related problems can often be more a state of mind than having any serious underlying problem, perhaps you have had one or two bad nights with little or no sleep, this can become a habit if you get it into your head that you won’t be able to sleep and this is where hypnotherapy can help greatly.

Hypnosis will be able to help re-educate your mind and way of thinking which will help you relax more and therefore make sleep come easier. Tinnitus is commonly know as a ringing in the ears but it can be a variety of noises that is heard, the sounds heard can come and go or be there permanently.

While hypnotherapy isn’t a cure for tinnitus research has recently shown that a hypnotherapy program has had a 69% success rate in reducing the amount of noise heard, continuous hypnotherapy treatment has of course been necessary in achieving these results a single hypnotherapy session won’t yield the same result.

There has been some success rate documented with regards to hypnotherapy helping allergy sufferers though hypnotherapy won’t help all types of allergies. It is thought that there is some link to allergies and the unconscious mind and that many allergies have a psychological trigger, for example the person is a stressful situation may unconsciously trigger an immune response.

This is when the help of a hypnotist may have some effect on an allergy as hypnotherapy can work on the underlying stress that triggers the allergy.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common disorder of the digestive system where the bowel becomes extra sensitive and responds with violent spasms which is often made worse by stress and anxiety.

As it can often be set off through anxiety hypnotherapy can be of help by enabling you to learn to relax more easily by teaching you visualization techniques and by helping to create a more positive reaction to stress.

As with any medical conditions it is always advisable to seek the advice of your doctor before taking on any alternative therapy but should you decide to try hypnotherapy as an addition to any treatment you might be taking then a hypnotherapist in your local area can be found through several websites.