Magnatherapy is thought to be an extremely effective alternative form of treatment for the relief of discomfort and pain in a wide variety of ailments. High density magnets draw fresh blood to the affected area which in turn stimulates blood flow which carries away toxic materials which cause the pain. This not only brings great relief from the pain but also speeds up the healing process.
Therapy by the use of magnets or more specifically magnetic fields is a totally natural method used to help alleviate pain, restore energy and promote a deeper sleep. The use of magnets has been scientifically proven in helping the body restore its own electromagnetic balance.

There is also evidence that suggests magnetic therapy can be of help in reliving not only pain but also improve the circulation of the blood, prevent infection from setting in and help in the removal of toxins.

Magnatherapy is not by any means a new found invention the Chinese have used magnets as a form of healing for over 2000 years but it is only in more recent years that documentation has come to light in the western world.

Therapeutic magnets are today licensed as medical devices in Japan and other Asian countries, and it is fast becoming a form of alternative therapy in the western world.

How Is Magnatherapy Used

The easiest form and the most widely used is in the form of Jewellery, there are a wide variety of pieces and styles on offer, many attractively designed. Magnatherapy isn’t just limited to jewellery though and companies offer several other methods for gaining benefit from magnetic fields, such as treatments for your drinking water, overlays for your mattress and pillow inserts.

Some of the Products Available and the Benefits Said To Be Gained

The Pain Pad is said to help reduce pain and inflammation and help speed tissue healing. Water Energiser Treatment is thought to be of particular help to those suffering from problems with digestion and can help improve digestion.

Dream Screen is an eye mask and is said to improve your sleep and help in illnesses such as sinusitis and cataracts.

Magneto-plast is an alternative to the plaster or band-aid, its bio north magnetic energy is said to work on increasing the blood circulation, reducing pain and stiffness to the wound and accelerate the healing.

Mag mitts are available as a comfortable mitten which is thought to ease pain in the joints of the knuckles and fingers.

Mag Bag is a drawstring pouch containing a neodymium magnet on a silver chain which is said to boost the immune system.

Mega Mag Bed is an entire sleeping system that covers the area of a single bed size and is said to deliver anti-bacterial, anti-viral and healing properties through the magnets to your body as you sleep.