Massage Therapies: Good Complementary Health Treatment

Regular massage treatments can relieve soreness and tenderness due to regular physical activity, and reduce pain and anxiety of post-surgery patients as well.

Massage ranks among the most utilized complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices. This is partly because of recent studies confirming that this type of therapy can actually reduce pain intensity and related anxieties. Usually clustered with similar natural medicine treatments including acupuncture, massage can generate mood-boosting endorphins.

The finding may be useful for cancer patients that undergo various and frequent treatments, and post-surgery patients too. Massage can be incorporated with holistic care and can ease apprehension. Similarly, it can soothe pain for people who are recovering from minor surgical procedures and are bedridden for quite some time.

The treatment, however, can be ineffective if conducted improperly. Some conditions due to far worse physiological impairment cannot be simply kneaded and expected to vanish in moments. In such cases, a more expansive diagnosis should be sought first before any physical therapy can be implemented. In contrast, some situations do not require hard massage since certain aches normally disappear when the body is fully rested.

Not all types of massage are scientifically proven to treat chronic back pains or other skeletal and muscular discomforts. Some of the popular forms such as Swedish, Thai, and Chinese massages can help temporarily relieve pain, especially those on the lower back. These types of treatment have better physical impact when under expert hands. Some practitioners integrate stretching and low impact exercises to lessen soreness and tenderness. The better ones can combine the best components of various techniques and approaches to relax tense muscles, increase flexibility of joints, and enhance general physical mobility.

Recent outpatients can benefit more from massage treatments. Studies confirm that such individuals favor going to physical therapy clinics and massage salons to lessen pain and the anxiety it brings. The care given by these centers boosts moods of patients. Massage has been proven to generate endorphins and is particularly recommended for arthritic and burn patients.

Those who have regular massage therapies can experience significant changes in their body’s immune and endocrine systems as well. Lymphocytes and white blood cells, which defend the body from diseases, increase after each session. According to researchers, massage treatment greatly lowers the levels of the Cortisol or the stress hormone. The body has a greater chance of not contracting any illness during stressful conditions if the level of this type of hormone is decreased.

For hypertensive patients, frequent massage treatments can stimulate the vagus nerve and the pressure receptors that regulate blood pressure.

For more severe health problems such as hip fractures to thyroid cancer, CAM experts are recommending the combination of other alternative homeopathy and massage therapies. Some herbs can be made into salves and oils that can be used during therapies. Other commercial herbal treatments including teas can extend feelings of calmness after a session.

Massage treatment can relieve typical soreness and tenderness due to regular physical activity. They can greatly reduce pain and anxiety of patients who undergo frequent medical procedures and those who are recovering from surgeries. Consult your physician first in case you are interested in complementary and alternative health treatments.