Massage Therapy as Alternative Treatment

Massage is perhaps one of the alternative treatments that we have all heard of, we all realise and have probably felt the benefits that can be gained from a massage; probably most of us had used it for simply easing the everyday strains and stresses in our life but massage can also play a significant part in easing many other more significant illnesses.

Research over the years has come to show that massage can help greatly in reliving pain in cancer patients, aiding recovery in heart and lung transplantation patients, is beneficial for people with chronic insomnia and has proven helpful in people suffering from respiratory infections.

What Is Massage?

Massage has been around for thousands of years, predominantly in Rome, Egypt and Greece. The techniques commonly employed by therapists these days doesn’t differ much from then, the masseur will knead, rub and press various area of the body to promote healing and convey a great sense of relaxation.

This is achieved by improving the circulation of the blood throughout the body Essential oils can also be used with the techniques to enhance those feelings; this is generally called Ayurvedic massage and comes from India. Oriental massage techniques are based on the meridian channels, which are said to be channels of energy which course throughout your body.

The Chinese believe that by massaging along these particular energy channels it will improve the flow of the energy or “chi” throughout the body and release any blockages of this energy. Other forms of massage are Reflexology, which is massage specifically for the feet and Shiatsu which is pressure point therapy originating from Japan.

How Is Massage Given?

The therapy is usually performed directly onto the naked skin, you will usually be asked to undress completely and a towel will be given to cover the areas not included in the massage, this also stops these areas from getting cold as warmth is important in aiding relaxation.

The only exception to this is in oriental massage techniques when clothing is usually kept on as this treatment is mostly based on pressure massage rather than kneading and rubbing. The treatment can take anywhere from an hour for a full body massage to 15 minutes or so if only a certain area of the body is the target for treatment.

Common Ailments That Respond To Massage Therapy Well

Massage has long been known for its ability to give us a deep sense of relaxation and over all wellbeing, it is also said to greatly aid in pain relief. As massage will help to improve the flow of blood throughout the body this will also help in the removal of waste products and stimulate the immune system.

Massage can also be directed towards specific illnesses and ailments such as asthma, neck and pain disorders, diabetes and insomnia. Massage therapy is a great alternative to conventional drugs throughout childbirth and to assist in relaxation during pregnancy if undertaken by a registered masseur.