Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is a total health care system built around the bodies own natural ability to heal itself, it is a total natural approach that takes into account the person as a whole. Naturopathic medicine is based on six underlying principles which are:

The Power of Nature

If left to its own devices our bodies have the natural ability to restore health and maintain that health.

Identify the Cause

There is always an underlying cause behind every illness and this cause must be removed or treated before the body can begin to start the natural process of healing. Any symptoms that show as part of the illness are merely the body’s way of trying to heal itself. Therefore treatment should not be aimed at the symptoms but at the cause of them.

Do No Harm

For the body to begin the healing process it must first show symptoms this is the start of your body’s life force beginning to heal itself so actions taken should compliment this natural healing process.

Treat the Person as a Whole

Illness and health are conditions of the whole body emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and social factors all play a significant part. It is imperative that all these factors are able to function correctly for your well being.

The Doctor as Teacher

A good Doctor-patient relationship must exist with the Doctors chief role being to educate the patient in taking responsibility for there own health; for it is the patient not the Doctor who is intimately responsible for there own healing.

Prevention Is the Best Cure

The primary goal of any health care system should always be prevention.

What Does Naturopathic Medicine Consist Of?

Naturopathic medicine relies chiefly on the body’s natural ability to heal itself but there are several ways this healing process can be helped along.

Clinical Nutrition We have perhaps all heard the saying “food is the best medicine” and in Naturopathic medicine this is especially true. Supplements and food can treat many medical conditions without any side effects. The Naturopathic Doctor will use fasting, dietetics and nutritional supplements.

Botanical Medicine Herbs and plants posses some of the most powerful medicine available and a variety of problems can be treated at once using them. Being totally organic they work in complete harmony with the body and they have very few side effects.

Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathy works on a powerful electromagnetic level and is based on the principal of like cure like; it will act gently to strengthen the body’s immune system and natural healing ability.

Physical Medicine

Gentle electrical pulses, water, heat and cold, manipulation of spine, bones and muscles all have there part to play in Naturopathic medicine and the Doctor may use any of these methods to assist the body’s natural healing powers.

Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture is said to balance bring harmonisation back to the body and correct imbalances which can be a cause of illness.

Psychological Medicine

Our emotional and mental states are thought to have some kind of influence over our bodies maybe to the point of causing physical illness, council ling, hypnotherapy and stress management may all help with the psychological side.