Qigong the Ancient Healthcare System

Qigong pronounced “cheegung” is a total health care system practised by the Chinese for maintaining health, vitality and healing. It incorporates breathing techniques and a series of postural exercises and is based on the body’s natural flow of energy called “chi”.

Qigong is an art which can be classed as medical, spiritual or martial there are various styles to Qigong but all are based on posture stances.

Kung fu is one style that many will have heard of this is qigong in a vigorous form, another for is Tai-chi. Qigong alone is not a cure for illness but rather it works alongside traditional medicine as a form of alternative complimentary medicine.

What is Qigong and How Can It Help?

Qigong consists of a series of gentle rhythmic movements that are suitable for any age group including children and the elderly, these exercises help to build vitality, reduce stress and anxiety and help to build up the immune system.

Research has found that is has been a positive influence in helping to improve respiratory, circulatory and cardiovascular problems as well as aiding problems with the digestion. Research has also been documented that Qigong helps to reduce hypertension and stability in older people, to receive any benefit from Qigong the exercises must be done with consistency.

The basis behind Qigong is to re-establish the body, mind and soul connection that most of us lose with the busy lives we lead, regular practise of Qigong will help reconnect us those aspects.

Who Can Benefit From Qigong?

We can all benefit from the practise of Qigong children will learn to focus and there concentration will increase, office workers will find they are less stressed or find it easier to reduce that stress quicker, the elderly will find that there balance will be improved and even prisons have introduced Qigong exercises as part of the daily exercise routine.

Basically anyone can learn the series of exercises and once learnt they can be done anywhere as they are a series of only small gentle movements not much space is needed.