Reflexology as with most alternative treatments to come from China is based on the body’s energy channels or meridian channels, the therapy is based on the principal that there are certain points on the bottom of the foot that represent certain organs in the body.The right foot relates to the right side of the body and the left foot the left side, gentle massage pressure to the feet with the hands is thought to trigger the nervous system which then triggers the brain to send signals to the various internal organs.

Reflexology isn’t a replacement for traditional medicine but rather works alongside it, it is a technique used to promote well being, combat stress, improves the circulation throughout the body, balances the whole body and is said to increase energy levels.

During a session of reflexology therapy more than 7,000 nerves will be stimulated and a different reaction from person to person to the treatments will be felt, some find themselves calm and relaxed with a feeling of overall wellbeing while others feel a little faint or sick.

Is Involved During Reflexology Therapy?

Reflexology therapy involves pressure being given to the soles and upper part of the foot the therapist may also apply talcum powder while massaging but unlike standard massage the use of oils is never used. The points on the soles of your foot that are being massaged are very small and it is possible that you will feel dramatic results after your first treatment.

These could be an increase in bowel movement, skin problems or the symptoms of cold, this is a positive sign that the treatment has helped in the removal of harmful toxins from the body. During the treatment it is quite possible that some areas of the foot will feel very tender these tender spots conform to the problem area of the body.

Conditions Can Reflexology help?

Benefit can be gained for almost any medical condition as the part of the foot specifically relating to the problem area will be given extra attention, so for migraine headaches, strokes e.t.c care will be taken for the points which connect to the head and surrounding area.

Neck, back and hip related problems will be treated in the musculoskeletal area and high blood pressure, angina and circulatory problems will be treated within the heart area and so on.

A sense of wellbeing and vitality is often experienced after a session of Reflexology and any one given treatment can last for anything up to an hour with sessions usually recommended once a week over a period of six weeks for optimum results.