Reiki-Spiritual Healing

Reiki is a Japanese form of therapy that specialises in the reduction of stress and anxiety and so promotes a healthier lifestyle and healing of the body, the Japanese believe that “life force energy” flows throughout the body and it when this life energy is depleted that illness occurs, it is a natural, simple and safe method of promoting wellbeing that is suitable for everyone.

What Does It Involve?

The person is treated as a whole during Reiki healing, the body, mind, spirit and emotions are all taken into account and treatment is said to leave the person with a wonderful glowing feeling of well-being.

Reiki healing is by “laying of the hands” in which the healer will place his or her hands a few inches away over the area of the body that is the problem and channel energy into it.

For the most part the Reiki practitioner has no actual contact with the person though occasionally there are some positions where contact will be made, such as “head cradling”.

Learning Reiki

Reiki healing can be learnt by anyone it is not complicated and years of practise aren’t essential to the technique nor is the person wishing to learn Reiki dependant on any having any special abilities.

The ability of healing is simply passed to the student by the Reiki master during what is called the attunement process which is a powerful spiritual experience. It is during this attunement process that the energies are passed to the student from the master, this process is also said to make the person more spirituality aware and some students have even professed to have gained some physic ability once having gone through the process.

Once the student has gone through the attunement process he has gained Reiki for life, the attunement process can have an effect on the physical body as well as the emotional side and toxins that have been in the body for a long period of time may come out along with feelings and thoughts.

Learning Reiki is an excellent starting point for those wishing to look deeper into healing spiritually, while Reiki in itself will not cure illness and disease it will work alongside traditional medicine and other therapy or healing techniques.

Those wishing to take a course and go through the attunement process can find courses available near them listed on the internet and even sign up directly online for some of them.