What Is Alternative Medicine?

Alternative medicine is becoming ever increasingly popular in this day and age, but what exactly is alternative medicine? It takes on many forms in a wide variety of guises from remedies such as Herbs, Oils, Massage and Chinese Acupuncture, which most of us will have heard of and maybe even tried to Ayurvedic medicine which has widely been used in India for over five thousand years.Alternative medicine was once perhaps given a wide berth by the sceptics but today over 600 million people pay visits to those offering alternative treatments and remedies.

What Benefit does Alternative Medicine Have?

Most alternative treatments are based on the use of herbs, oils and massage so it’s perfectly safe and for thousands of people it has been proven to work time and time again. There are a vast array of different types and treatments available from minor illnesses through to those more severe, some people even suffering life threatening illnesses have benefited from some types of alternative medicine where conventional treatments have failed.

Different Types of Alternative Therapy Used

Listed below are some of the types of alternative treatments and therapies available:

Acupuncture –

Acupuncture treatment is not only the insertion of fine needles into the “points” on the body but also the detection of disharmony within the body. This is assessed by a series of questions on the person’s lifestyle and emotions.

Acupressure –

Originating from the Chinese Taoist monks acupressure is similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles, instead finger pressure is applied to the “points”.

Aromatherapy –

Essential oils taken from plants are used in this treatment which can take the form of massage or inhalation. It is thought to be especially beneficial for those suffering from stress related illnesses.

Ayurvedic medicine –

This type of treatment stems back from India and is a complete system of exercise, diet and detoxification of the entire body.

Chiropractic –

Chiropractic treatment works mainly for those suffering from joint problems and is performed along the spine by adjusting joints.

Chinese Herbal Remedies –

There is a vast range of herbs used in treatment which the Chinese have used for thousands of years and are capable of treating a wide variety of illnesses.